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Calf LV2 GUI Missing and Crashes

I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet (and I don't frequent the forum to know any different) but, I am finding that the Calf LV2 plugins simply aren't compatible with recent builds on my systems (several hardware configurations using Ubuntu Studio 22.04 and Pipewire). The only build that will show them properly is the 0.9.25 build that is currently standard on the Ubuntu Studio repository. I tried to find an appimage for 0.9.25 but it seems to have been banished to source code in the "attic". Any insight on the decay of use for Calf LV2 in recent builds would be much appreciated. Also, if anyone has access and a link for the 0.9.25 appimage, I would love to get my hands on it for archive purposes if the issue with the LV2s doesn't get resolved sooner than later.



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yes the Calf GUIs are unlikely to work from the .AppImage's and that probably including any older v0.9.25 .AppImage.

however they are known to show up right and OK on the native builds, provided they are done with Gtk2 and Gtkmm2 support.
this is the case for the deliverables on the repos/ppa's ;)


Thanks Rui. That clears it up!

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