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Qtractor + Qsynth = Qconfusion ;-)

Okay, another newbie question...

I've attached a screen shot, but it fails to show how I'm missing something obvious in trying to connect Qsynth in as a Qtractor plugin. Simply put, I tried to use it inside a Midi track and also inside of an Audio track. Neither gets me to the finish line.

In the Midi track: I can play notes on my keyboard controller and see them "firing" away on the Qsynth plugin screen (seen in the upper right, FWIW) and also as the meter jumps in response to the playing on the associated Midi track. BUT, there's no audio sound produced. So I hear nothing.

In the Audio track" I can hear notes played by ONLY by clicking on that tiny little onscreen keyboard inside the plugin's screen (lower right) ... but I cannot get that same Audio track which produces sounds to recognize any Midi controller input from my keyboard controller (i.e., the only that's capable of firing the Midi track above).

In other words, I can get the Midi to be Midi without Audio, and I can also get the Audio to be Audio without Midi controller input.

But I cannot either link the two, get the Midi to make sounds, or get the Audio to respond to what I'm playing on my piano controller keyboard.

Sorry to bug folks with such basic ... I've scoured the wiki, the forum, and internet at large, still no dice.

Something stupid - no doubt?!

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hi again :)

first, it's not Qsynth you're doing, it's synthv1, as an LV2 instrument plugin.

second, MIDI instrument plugins can only be inserted to MIDI tracks (or buses) to have their functionality to the fullest (ie. driven by MIDI as input and audio as output; there's no use to ever insert a MIDI instrument plugin on an audio track.

and third, the audio output of MIDI instrument plugins appears on the first audio output bus, usually "Master Out", so to ear any sound you'll have to connect those output ports to the desired system playback ports of your sound device, speakers, headphones, whatever you have there to physically ear any sound ;)

all these are pretty basic as sure you will slap your forehead only this once and no more :)


EDIT: Aha!!! I see that WITHIN the plugin itself, by right clicking on it, there is an "Audio" menu option down at the very bottom ... and THAT is where I can select an Audio out (from within the Midi track). PROBLEM SOLVED.

And yes, I'm now a recovering head-dented idiot for taking this long to get there.

Thank you again - for your persistent guidance and awesome software.

I shall take a screen shot of this solution for when I forget how it got resolved. Hopefully this thread is of use to a future traveler.

FWIW, Here's my previous reply before the "discovery" ...

- - - - - - -

Thank you kindly for these clarifications. Yes, am trying to use synthv1 as an LV2 plugin.

Your 2nd point is well taken, and the distinction between midi and audio is one that I'd always taken as a given.

But your 3rd and final point seems like the real gem as a potential solution for my confusion! Yet, for some reason, I cannot find any combination of audio connections in the Connection window to get the (still properly firing Midi track's instance of synthv1) to produce sound.

To be clear, I have no problem getting any other audio track or bus to produce sound, so it's not like I've got other audio connectivity issues. I just can't find any audio track or bus instance that gets me audio from the Midi track's synth instance.

What's more, I can see the midi track has both green and blue meter levels dancing around ... i.e., the Midi channel seems to want to offer up its audio signal. But I cannot seem to tap in to it.

I know this is a PEBCAK problem. :bangs head again:

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