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Documentation for developing a plugin

Hi, I hope I am doing this right.

I love Qtractor. Works great, and I've mastered a few tracks now with audio and MIDI. I had an idea to use AI to generate ideas based on pre-existing chords and rhythm, and I wondered if it could be implemented as a plugin.

I have several years experience with software development in C and C++, and neural networks too. Is there any documentation about how to implement a plugin? Or is it a case of getting right down into the code?



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hi, you're of course welcome here

however, maybe your suspicions were perfectly right: this is not the most appropriate forum for asking on (any) plugin development, in general nor in particular. sorry about that.

first, IMHO, you rather or better have your ideas implemented as a standalone application program, in the "old-traditional" processing way (ie. not a plugin);
most probably you'll have to streamline and refactor the core processing code so to work on a "pull" or "callback" model, eg. have a central process() function that is called to, yeh, process audio/MIDI in data blocks in real-time.

second, you'll need to choose which plugin type you want: assuming it will be a MIDI processing plugin, you'll have to elect one: LV2, VST3 or CLAP; read their documentation and study the examples and/or source code of other's like you ;) there are some nice tutorials too, for example, thinking of LV2 have a look in here: .


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