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Decode Plugin Chunk

I recently moved systems, and plugin-specific settings (within Carla) have disappeared; probably because of differing plugin paths. However, I'd like to decode that chunk in the QTR file to get clues about what the plugin settings were. Specifically, I'm referring to what I see between the "configs" > "config key=.." AND "/config" < "configs".

Is this possible? I'm assuming the decoded chunk will have some kind of human-readable language.

Thank you.

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yes it's just regular base64 enconding; however it's also compressed via qCompress() so you'll need to qUncompress() the result of QByteArray::fromBase64() (from Qt core library) to have it exactly the whole chunk as the plugin would get/set it

beware that the final decoded result might be just binary and non-human intelligible though--it actually depends on the plugin at stake.


Thank you for the help and the caution! :)

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