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shortcuts for clip selection per track.

Getting close to mouse free editing now. With that intent, I have a question.

I can select tracks up and down with shortcuts.

I can open the piano roll editor, and close it, with shortcuts.

What I can't seem to do is select a track, and have the clip selected as well, for that track, automatically. (I have one clip per track, about 90 bars long, for a full orchestra project)

Have I missed something in the shortcuts list, or is this essential feature not implemented yet?


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Edit > Select > Track et al.

Aaah, I may not have explained correctly.

2 tracks, each with a clip of full project length.
I select the first track, but i have to manually select the clip in that track to make it "active".

I then use a shortcut to select the second track but the clip in the first track remains active, unless i manually click on the clip in the second track.

Is there a way to have the active state of a clip follow track selection, so when i select track 1, the clip in that track becomes active automatically, and when i select track 2, the clip in track 1 becomes inactive, and the clip in track 2 becomes active, automatically?


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however, Edit > Select > Track *does* select all clips in the current/hilighted track... given that you only have one clip per track, what's that I'm missing then, may I ask?

Edit/Select/Track does make any clips in the track active/inactive/(toggle).


do not select the clip automatically when a track is selected.

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