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keyswitch names on the vertical piano roll.

Unless I have understood the behaviour wrong, a midi editor "view" is tied directly to a clip. I am assuming that the state of the midi editor (zoom, etc) is also tied to a clip.


Can we add text to the keys on the vertical piano roll? I have an orchestras worth of tracks, and most of the instruments have sets of keyswitches. My memory is not what it was when I was younger, and it would be useful to be able to write, in the keys, the name of a particular keyswitch articulation, i.e. c3=Arco, d3=Staccato, etc, for each instrument/clip, as a visual prompt when working in a clip. (my clips are one for each track, for the entire length of the project.)

I have the keyswitches all written out, but it would be quicker to read right there, in the clip/midi editor instance.

Is this possible, Rui?


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yes. the MIDI clip editor aka. piano-roll is tightly tied to the MIDI clip in question.

on the vertical/virtual piano keyboard on the left may show the node/key names but only through hovering tool-tip bubbles (check menu View > Tool Tips).


OK, so there's no way to manually enter specific text in the piano roll keys, for a clip/midi editor instance, and have it display. We only have tool tips, and they only show general data.

Thanks for the heads up.


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yes, there is a way, and pretty much has always been there: you just have to define your alternate key names for the MIDI instrument in particular on View > Instruments ... via (old) Cakewalk instrument definition files (*.ins) or standard midi xml files (*.midnam)

ad-hoc, inline key names are not currently supported though, sorry

Ok, thanks for the heads up.

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