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Keyboard shortcuts don't work using Mint Cinnamon

Hi Rui,

the keyboard shortcuts CTRL-0 etc do not work under Mint Cinnamon, they do with Ubuntu Studio LTS with the Plasma Desktop. The context menu does not show up every time using the right mouse button.

I don't know how to debug this any further :-)


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hi, don't know either, sorry :(

does it only happen under Mint Cinnamon? which version (qpwgraph -v)?

if it's the flatpak try the native packaging instead; or even build it from source and try/test again?



I am using your and pipewire's PPA. Is this QT related?

qpwgraph -v
qpwgraph 0.5.3
Qt: 6.2.4
libpipewire: 0.3.79 (headers: 0.3.48)


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quite frankly (no pun intended;)) I just don't know...

maybe it's Mint related, but honestly, don't have a clue atm.

does the very same binary version work on kde/plasma?


Case closed. After seeing a screenshot I wondered about a lot of missing GUI elements, too. So I deleted a very (very) old config file and suddenly all GUI elements appeared and the keyboard shortcuts are working.


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