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Metronome by default

Dear Rui

One frustration that I found irritating in Qtractor is that the default metronome does not come pre-installed with sound. Every time he installed he had to find or create a "clip" and a "clap".

Especially the first time, because you don't understand what's happening... the perception is simply that the metronome doesn't work.

Thinking especially about new users, could pre-configured "clip" and "clap" sounds be included in the installation?

It would only be a few more kbts.

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hi, sorry,

please refer to this (old) topic here:

  • Metronome Sounds
  • cheers

    ps. and... I do see your point now: by default no metronome is enabled, but when you enable it on View > Options... > Audio metronome, the dialog is accepted as is, even without specifying the so needed metro-bar and -beat sample files... gotcha!

    I think it would be appropriate if the sounds (a clip and clap) were already pre-installed and pre-configured.

    But above all, I respect your criteria, it is your project and you define its coherence.

    Thank you

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    believe that you already noticed and reacted, but ntl.


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