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Feature Request: Display MIDI controller data in hover

mixer strip slider

Would it be possible to include any assigned MIDI Controller data in a given slider's existing hover?

I realize it may be practical to limit to a given subset of the data as there are obviously many types; each with their own number of properties. In my case, I'm exploring the cc automation and am seeing how the overall efficiency of the work flow would benefit from the end user having a quicker way to see what's what.

Scenario: Nothing is assigned

Pan: 0.1

Scenario: Something is assigned

Pan: 0.1
Type: Controller
Channel: 1
Parameter: 3

Again, I've thought about the data structure all of 3 milliseconds and can appreciate I may be overlooking edge cases.

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is it possible? yes; will it be added soon? no so much.


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it's now live in qtractor >=


Very very cool

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