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Question regarding the responsiveness of the count-in feature

Is it just me or does it appear to pause for 1 bar before activating?


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dunno if you're not aware, but the count-in feature is a a metronome that plays a few number of beats before the playback/recording actually starts rolling.

the factory default to count-in beats is 4; if play-head happens to be on a 4/4 time-signature location that obviously makes it for a whole bar count-in.

Right. I'm saying there appears to be a lag before any sound is heard at all. The sequence of events here is:

  1. Activate a track's record status
  2. Activate record in transport
  3. Engage play
  4. Wait <----- This is the lag I am referring to. Actually feels like a buffering thing is happening?
  5. Count-in begins
  6. Play-head moves and recording begins as expected.
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if playhead is starting on some location between two beats in the timeline, it surely lags until the first count-in beat is heard.

otherwise I have no explanation for what you referring to :S

Works for me :D

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