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filter MIDI channels

Is it possible without any external tricks or plugin? I'm working on Jack Audio. Thx.

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please clarify the question.

qtractor filters MIDI channels alright, since ever, as any MIDI track and its plugin chain only deals one single MIDI channel.


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Yes, I mean filter as input via track or bus!

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input is always via bus, then filtered to corresponding MIDI track/channel on record or monitor; turn MIDI track Omni off to disable the filtering.

also, when Track > Auto Monitor is on, input filtering and translation is applied to current highlighted track, meaning that all MIDI events and channels will be filtered into the current track's assigned channel; if input if of more than one channel (eg. MPE messages, which is not supported anyhow) this auto-monitor mode might be counterproductive, as different channels are translated into one.


I don't know if it will be of help here.
But making these plugins known doesn't hurt either.

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Thank You, I know it!

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Thanks! Perhaps an example is more useful! My controller MIDI outputs its MIDI events through two channel, PAD on channel 10 and keyboard on channel 1 for example. I used an external software, a MIDI filter, to route events to two different tracks. Is it the only option? Another option should be a plugin, ok, but what about an internal software option? In reaper i can select input MIDI channel, for example. Thanks in advice!

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why do you think an external software or plugin is needed, when qtractor does it all for you?

  1. turn Track>Auto Monitor off;
  2. have two MIDI tracks, one assigned for channel 1 e the second to channel 10;
  3. turn monitor on on both tracks; do not set "Omni" on, keep it off on both tracks.

after this, when recording or playing live on your controller, all event and notes will be directed to the correct track lane...

what do you need more? cheers

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