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Write a wrapper plugin

Hi all

I spent quite some time this week re-loading ams patches and re-routing jack audio configs. I'm playing with the idea of writing a wrapper plugin to allow one user to
-Create a midi track -> add plugin -> ams wrapper ; then the wrapper would
-Launch ams, passing via parameters the name of the synth preset, the name of the track to name the ams instance, and the midi channel(s=note, but also volume, mute, etc) of the track.
-Then the usual "save preset" mechanism would be used to pass the preset at launch time (The user would still have to save it every time it changes something in the synth, that's OK) Qtractor would then automatically route the newly created audio ports to its master out audio bus...?
-On closing the song, the wrapper would kill this ams instance
-It would be easily adaptable to other standalone JACK-compatible instruments

-Rui, does that makes sense to want to control the audio output of a midi track from within that track ?
-Is creating two tracks, one for notes and one for routing to the master bus (via insert return) the only way to control, say a yoshimi or an ams in a qtractor song ? I can't seem to wrap my head around how to do that properly...
-Is the new "JACK Session versioning" thing aiming at solving those issues ?

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all this seems the suit and purpose of jack-session, besides the preset stuff which i'm afraid it can only be tamed if ams gets to be wrapped as a plugin, as one of the instrument plugins specifications available (dssi, lv2 or vsti).

you should ask (or beg) whether the ams maintainers are willing to add jack-session support to it. (Karsten Wiese was the last known in action:))

and no, jack-session versioning has nothing to do with this stuff. sorry :)


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