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VST plugins support


it would be great to have some kind of VST plugins support in Qtractor.

I remember it's implemented in lmms ( through Wine and/or by native Linux code in the latest version (0.3). So the grand pick overing could be quite easy as lmms is Qt app to (Qt3 now).

It's sure that some authors of VST plugins do not follow VST specs (no system specific code inside) but there are some correct plugs - I hope most of them.

Take it as an important but longterm feature request, please.


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Hi Petr,

First off, welcome to the forums and congratulations as you're the very fisrt one to post here. No joking, actually i's highly appretiated.

The plan to extend support to other plugin specifications, other than currently just LADSPA, is somewhat on hold atm. It's just because I'm busy with fitting other basic features in qtractor. Time is scarse but that you already know :)

When things get steadier I will grasp to the joy of having DSSI and LV2 support too. The biggest question hurdle about VST support is about licensing and distribution. I guess the DSSI-VST workaround as seen in Rosegarden comes to the rescue but IANAL.

Another big question deals to which kind of VST support is desired. I'm still not sure whether it should be like having linux native VSTs as in eg. JOST or taking the full blown win32/wine path. Anyway the later should be supported as long DSSI-VST goes in, isn't it?

Have that and more wishes coming. Bugs are not so welcome :) but you know the drill: I'm sure there are plenty so why pretend there aren't?

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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well, when we are talking about plugs and LADSPA - how to use LADSPA in Qtractor? I did not find any menu or integrated tool for it.

What I'd like to have is something like jack-rack but without jack-rack ;) because I have some sound issues with it (largre response time from ot). I mean - I'd like to create e.g. Pream-Amp-Cabinet chain of C* plugins to record guitar for home work directly into qtractor. Something like Wired has (but I did not fit it working properly yet in it).

ad VST licensing and distribution: I have some VST purchased and there is no limitation where to plug it ;)

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Yes, you can insert LADSPA plugins into the mix. No sweat.

Each audio bus, either input or output, and each audio track can have one or several LADSPA plugins chained in arbitrary order, just like jack-rack :)

Plugins are accessible through the Mixer window. If you don't have it already, open the Mixer window from the respective toolbar button or through the View/Mixer menu.

Now that you take a closer look, on the Mixer widget, each audio bus or track strip you'll find an empty square, just below the bus or track strip title name. Left-click on it (with the mouse).

There appears the plugin context menu in its full glory :)

Choose Add Plugin...

OK. I'll leave the rest to you as an exercise ;) By this time I'm sure you can figure it out pretty nicely ...

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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There's already one step in that direction: Native VST plug-in support

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

"Great post! I really appreciate the information!"

"This is the first time I've found this site, but I'll definitely be back. It's a great resource"

Something tells me that you actually have no idea what VST is. Call me crazy....

What do you mean by "no idea what VST is"? Windows VST(i)s work great with Qtractor using DSSI. There are certainly some issues with Native VST support (ie JUCETICE plugins), but that is mostly due to bugs in the Jucetice plugs. You may read about those here if interested:


I'm just getting into VST plugins and founf some excellent info here. Thanks.

Just searching for VST plugins, thank for info

Does Qtractor really need VST plugins support?

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