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configure cannot find lv2

Hey Rui! :)

I just pulled down the latest lv2 from svn and built it to go in the default location (I'm guessing /usr/local?). However when I configure qtractor, it complains about not being able to find lv2, and so I have a long string of "no" answers in the configure report where lv2 is concerned.

I've tried everything I know to do in terms of feeding this thing path statements, e.g.:

./configure --with-lv2=/usr/local/lib/lv2

...but it still fails. Any suggestions? FYI, lv2 was built with --experimental.

Thanks Rui!



Argh, I'm an idiot...I've got lv2, but the lilv stuff comes from drobilla, I have to get that as well.

Sorry :)


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