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I don't know if I have missed something, but does Qtractor broadcast and receive MTC or SMPTE? I have my console hooked up to my DAW and it usually syncs and displays MTC/SMPTE time as well as follow the Song Position Pointer. It works great in Ardour, but I think Qtractor has more appeal if I can get that to work.

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nope. there's no MTC/SMPTE support on qtractor, sorry.

and there are no personal(*) plans to support that in the near future, sorry again. unless someone steps in to the task. it's open source and all serious contributions are welcome, remember?

otoh. there's MIDI Clock and SPP support instead. maybe that can help you there.

or you could try your luck on some stand-alone JACK-transport to MTC/SMPTE client bridge on the interwebs...


*ps. i could do it, it's not that a big deal technically speaking, besides stealing a lot of time from some other several quality time quadrants of mine ;) meh. quite frankly *i* don't have the slightest interest on this feature whatsoever, as it just adds bloat and not gain in any kind of productivity i'd say. triple sorry ;)

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