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samplv1 & synthv1

Hi Rui

You've done it again - great little apps with just the right amount of features - really makes you wan't to experiment with sound and not be daunted by to many controls.

I was able to build some rpms for my own use:

For both lv2 plugin packages I needed to move the binary to the correct location - for some reason the makefiles created by qmake don't list the plugin binary in the install section...

Synthv1 runs out of the box - I like the fact you can route an external source through the effects section - would be nice to have a input gain control for the external source (at least in the standalone version) so that I can control how much of the external source is mixed with the synth sound ( or vice-versa)

I need a tip with samplv1 - I haven't worked out how to load a sample file

Finally, I'm using the apps under KDE 4.8.3 on Fedora 16, and yet the apps are not picking up the oxygen theme (or any other KDE theme come to that). Any ideas?

Cheers, Simon

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double-click on the wide blank/gray rectangle just below the GEN1 label ...

awe. you're using opensuse build service for your fedora stuff. nice touch :)

i have some of my stuff there too but the vee-ones are not there yet ;) well, they aren't quite ready for packaging to the masses--for one thing the qmake pro(ject) files are hardwired to install into your home directory (~/).

however there are (currently commented out) provisions for other standard target install paths (see PREFIX variable setting) which let you `make install` to whatever usual system install root you prefer eg. /usr/bin/ for the standalone(_jack) and /usr/lib[64]/lv2/ for the plugin(_lv2) flavor.



just a gcc 4.7 heads up - need to add #include to samplv1_lv2.cpp

Thanks for thiese gems.


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include what? is it "unistd.h" ?

Yeah of course (sorry HTML filtering - shouldn't have included the brackets).

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included now, thanks

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