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QTractor and Wine and 64bit (liblo issue)

Hi there,

the first time in my life I use a 64bit computer, initially I felt exuberantly happy ;-)

QTractor insists on using liblo7 (and liblo-dev for compiling), whereas Wine for VST usage insists on using liblo:i386 and removing liblo7.
I am using Delay Lama VST PlugIn with its fine portamento feature to adumbrate vocal parts and an Korg X50 editor VST plugin both I would like to use continuing. Do you please have any hints to solve this problem?

With my regards,

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lucky you. i wonder how you get dssi-vst to work painlessly on a 64bit linux system. nm :)

i remember having some ok-corral experience with dssi-vst a few years ago under my distro of choice (opensuse) on 64bit,

i guess lacking some wine-32bit official stuff was just beyond my call

that said, i'm afraid i cannot help you much in there

however if it's a liblo issue you should ask your distro packagers in the first place, wouldn't you?


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Dear Rui,

QTractor of course has and always will have priority ;-) over vst, so I never installed dssi-vst on my new pc until now.
QTractor says, Festige VST Headers installed - so I'll install it and learn to use it.

I don't want to bother you too much, because Delay Lama vst can be replaced with a voice sf2 and I can edit my synth by pushing buttons, I only have to change into the other hall doing so.


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maybe there's some (usual) confusion between VST flavors:

  • native linuxVST - these are VST plugins compiled and run as pure linux code (.so); those are the ones for which the VeSTige headers are for (do not confuse this with Festige which is a standalone host for the other VST flavor that follows:).
  • windowsVST - these are plain windows plugins (.dll) that are run under wine on linux and provided by courtesy of DSSI-VST; in qtractor they appear as DSSI plugins, not under VST type, which is for the above (native linuxVST).


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Thank you for your answer, yes someone easily could get confused with this stuff.

I downloaded Festige from FalkTX's ppa, which itself launches fine, but I think I additionally have to download the sdk steinberg development kit to get the dlls working - too much alien stuff for me and my system. Sometimes I really get the feeling spending much too much time on administrating the system rather than making music!
An austrian (!) fellow, Hermann Seib, is the author of a vst host which works very well with actual wine, it's called "VSTHost" ;-)
Here is the link "" if someone is interested.

Greetings, Michael

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