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QTractor UML documentation

Hello the community of qtractor !
I'm a software developer and I found this software that looks very nice.
I was wondering if you had any documentation on the architecture of the software (like UML class diagrams) ?
If you have some, could you send it to my email address

thanks in advance

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Hi redfric,

As most things in geekdom, there's no much documentation about the architectural thing. No, I confess, there's none at all, sorry. Besides, an excuse you probably heard for too many times already, all this has been one hobby of a project, not quite an academic one :)

The most formal as it could ever get to date is still what was presented on LAC2007@TU-Berlin, paper and slides. Take a look at those, if you haven't done already.

Anyway, how much fun can it get for you to try using umbrello? I mean using it to reverse-engineering qtractor from the raw source code for a start?

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

I'm working on Windows and the only UML software that works with the reverse engineering was BOUML.
I did not check whether or not it imported all the classes but it looked like it did.

I'll try to do the links between all the classes (class diagrams) in my holiday spare time.

Have a good time.

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