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QTractor Wish List Pt. 2

I hate adding more thing to this when you are still working on adding other suggestions, but I'd rather get them down here while they're still fresh on my mind. This is much shorter and less verbose than the previous "Wish List". :)

1. Mixer Track LADSPA Plugins Section. It will be useful to allow the plugins to be drag copied from one track to another, carrying the parameters with it as it is copied to another track. Reduces setup time without having to save the plugin settings from the plugin. Obviously very low priority.

2. When adding a track, it could be useful to have an "amount of tracks to add" dialog, so multiple tracks can be added at once.

3. When creating a new project, or when just starting the program, it could be useful to pop open a dialog window that contains:
a. Number of inputs and track count.
b. Default project length.
c. Autolocking of Clips after recording option (checkbox) (You had mentioned you liked the idea of a clip lock feature)
d. Default Auto Crossfade mode.
e. Grid Options (Bars, Time, SMPTE, etc)
f. Grid Snap Options (None, Beat, Beat 1, etc)
g. Project Name and Default Path
h. Open Existing Project Button

If you like, I will build a .ui as an example.

3. I think a CPU percent meter at the bottom left of the main window could be very helpful. Also, a disk performance hit percentage meter would also be as well, especially while playing many tracks. Nice for keeping an eye on system resources.

4. This is a matter of personal preference, but I wish when using the spacebar to stop/start the playback, the playhead would auto return to a user selected position instead of just continuing where paused. Of course, once you get the position markers working, this might not be such an issue to me.

5. A way to group/ungroup clips together, so they can be moved together at fixed distances.

6. A way to group mixer faders together, so they can be moved together at fixed distances.

There is no need to reply to any of this anytime soon. I just wanted to get these new ideas down somewhere, and this is the obvious place.

That is enough for now. You are creating a fabulous app here. I hope all these suggestions are not bringing you down or annoying you at all.
I have been singing your praises on the Samplitude news group. :) Expect some visitors from there.

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A way to group/ungroup clips together, so they can be moved together at fixed distances
Don't know whether it's what you really asking, but this one is already possible. It all goes through clip extended selection: press the Shift (or Ctrl) key while making the mouse selection to add/toggle regions or clips so that the resulting selection is a group of one or more clips and/or regions. You can then drag, move, copy, cut, paste or delete the whole selection as a group.

The current selection mode (menu Edit/Select Mode/Clip,Range,Rectangle) can also help in making nice whole clip or sub-region selections. Just try it :)
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

Yes, I figured it was possible using the shift or ctrl + select method, but if the clips are spread out over the entire timeline, that gets a bit time consuming, especially when you have a LOT of them. The box drag would work fine, but it would always force the user to zoom completely out first, then box select over the entire track. I just think a group function would just be a much cleaner way to do this. The advantage is they always will stay grouped to each other (until ungrouped)....and any one selected and moved clip within that group, would move the group in unison, including up or down tracks.

Also, perhaps some type of modifier key should keep a clip, or group of clips locked in the correct position (L and R), except for up and down movement. Perhaps you already have this, and I don't know about it. :)

Do you have a list of your current keyboard commands handy?


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when using the spacebar to stop/start the playback, the playhead would auto return to a user selected position
Granted with a new "Auto-backward" transport option, that was just shoved into cvs a few moments ago (qtractor

I think it agrees with your desires: when switched on, the auto-backward action will automatically reset the playhead position, on transport stop, back to the session start or to the current edit-head position (left blue cursor line), whichever comes first in that direction.

Hope that's what you were asking for :)
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

Very nice! It's close enough for now and much better than it was. :) Thanks!!

I have been wondering about how to make moving the playback head easier in general.

Here is the situation: I'm in the middle of a track, zoomed in, and I want to hear just that section, it's seemingly impossible to get the playback head to that location with a single click. I have to actually move my timeline to find the playback head to click and drab it there, thus loosing my location (unless I've completely missed something regarding moving the playback head, which certainly is possible).

Since you're presently using the left click to move the left marker, and visa-versa, The only thing I can think of would be to insert a bit of space between the bar/time marker area and the track/data timeline. Then, perhaps this new area could then be single clicked anywhere on the timeline to position the playback head to that position instantly. Also, perhaps a right click in this "new" area could contain a menu to set position markers, which could be dragged along that area, and referenced via the number keys (not necessarily the numeric keypad, however).

Well, there's my 2 cents worth. Do you have any ideas regarding this?


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Aha. The 1-click playhead positioning trick is just Shift+Left-click anywhere in the time ruler or an empty area in the main track-view.

Would it suffice?
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

Ah, that works like a charm! Didn't realize that was there, obviously.

Just thought of something else while testing the Shift+click thingy......It would be really nice if the mouse scroll wheel could scroll the timeline left and right. Preferably quickly. One click of the wheel per page view should be plenty. :)

BTW, I have been using Kate for code editing, but have started using KDevelope. Do you use KDevelope? If so, what do you think of it? If not, what do you recommend?

Well, off to band practice. ttyl. :)


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KDevelop is good enough for me :)

About mouse wheel: I've thought about something of the sort, more than once to be honest, but never took it very urgent. And to put all cards on the table, I always found it counter-intuitive. Let's see, it's a bit tricky we're tweaking a wheel up and down vertically while the subject is supposed to scroll horizontally. Not sure to be confortable with the idea... However, if user demand gets overwhelming, why not? ;)

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

Wow, quick reply. I had just finished loading up my equipment and did a refresh before leaving, and you had replied! :)

Yes, I realize the up/down scroll seems counter-intuitive to the function, but it's pretty much the industry standard in DAWs today. Some of them (Cakewalk is one, I believe) use the mouse wheel to scroll the playback thanks! :)

Perhaps you could add to the options, what function the mouse scrollwheel does? Let the user decide.

Just a thought.

Gotta run, already 40 minutes late...I only have to drive a mile though. :)

PS. I'm gonna show off Qtractor to the band tonight on my lappy. They're gonna love it! :)


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The subject says it all.

Regular mouse-wheel behavior for vertical scrolling is still in effect. For you to access the horizontal scrolling mode (did you guess it right?) you'll have to press one of the modifier keys, either Shift or Ctrl, while turning the wheel.

(cvs, qtractor

Hope that satisfies you :)
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

Awesome! Works like a charm too :)


I'm having a hard time with tempo. Yup, not a new problem, and nothing to do with Qtractor, but the clock in my head is doing some very bad things. However, Qtractor can possible help.

How hard would it be to create some type of "Tap Tempo" system, whereas the tempo of Qtractor gets set according to how fast one repeatably clicks the left mouse button over a bit of time? I think many would agree this would be a very useful feature.


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Maybe something like TapStart ?

One question would be whether it is wise to let qtractor read the tempo from jack transport. Or rather have it by OSC. Or just ask Arnold about borrowing the widget code and integrate it in?

Ah, too many options. All of them reasonable :)

rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

TapStart looks pretty much like I was suggesting. Why would it not be wise to allow Qtractor to read tempo from jack? Heck, I though it already did anyway. :) All your suggestions are good. I don't guess it really matters which method you choose. I kinda like the borrowing widget code suggestion myself.


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Why would it not be wise to allow Qtractor to read tempo from jack?
Because,... I'm not quite sure who, qtractor or some other jack transport client, must have the authority to set the tempo, specially when transport is already rolling.

As is, tempo is a static property of a session, and letting anyone else poking in it will result in some unnatural result, to say the least :) probably some race conditions are due in. I guess current qtractor implementation gotta be the tempo master at all times and thus, it shouldn't accept tempo changes from outsiders, specially while transport is rolling. And AFAICTT, you don't have a way to detect jack transport tempo changes unless it is already rolling.

But I might be wrong... (or forgetting something)
rncbc aka Rui Nuno Capela

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