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qtractor 0.5.5 (just) makes it into Debian 7!

Thanks to Rui snappily releasing 0.5.5 recently upon my request and the equally prompt response of qtractors Debian maintainer Alessio Treglia, the soon to be released Debian 7 aka 'Wheezy' (Wheezy was the penguin in Toy Story btw) will feature qtractor 0.5.5 compiled against the LV2 1.0.0 libs hence bringing the latest and greatest in open source DAWs and plugins to the next stable release of the 'Universal OS':

It made it into Wheezy by a cats whisker as the cut-off/ freeze date for new packages getting into Wheezy is June 30th!



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that can only be good news :)

hurray && thanks for the support (also for the debian team, of course)


You guys rock.

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