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Problem stopping qjackctl

I installed Lubuntu 12.04 and followed the PrepareForUbuntuStudio on the Ubuntu site.
I start qjackctl (0.3.9), qsynth and qtractor (0.5.5). Then I start the qjackctl (start-button).
I play some songs (works fine) and then I stop qtractor and qsynth.
When I klick the Stop-button I get an error message that there are some still running.
Do you have any clue?

Plain text icon errorlog_jack.txt11.33 KB
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the message saying "there are some [clients] still running" is a perfect normal one. probably there other connections that outlive qsynth or qtractor. it might be pulseaudio (as i could read from your errorlog_jack.txt).

anyway, it's all expected behavior so please ignore the warning message (not an error).


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