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location markers

Hi Rui!

Seeing the emergence of location markers in svn was a nice surprise this morning as its a feature I've been thinking of requesting for some time but I deemed it not quite as important as the stuff me wants so I thought best not bog you down too much. :)

I've just had a quick go with it and two things sprung to mind:

* Currently, the marker text in the timeline seems to be aligned 1 bar after the insertion point. If this is intentional, why is it so?

* The marker text is very small and so would be difficult to see sat a few feet away from the screen. It would be handy if we could toggle location marker lines (yellow lines maybe, toggled from the View menu?) so that we can clearly see the markers at a distance. I don't suppose this is already implemented is it?

Thanks R!

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the location markers implementation is currently in flux.

although the barest functionality is already in place, it's by no means final. for example. location markers are somewhat intermingled with the tempo-map dialog view. now, that dialog is under heavy bumming during this time and it won't be a surprise if strange whether things show correctly up there ;)

expect a couple of weeks or so for it to get settled, bugs aside :)


"that dialog is under heavy bumming" is a 5* RNCBC classic quote and potential sig material! :)

I don't have a prob with the markers being lumped into the tempo box. In fact, because the tempo window is what appears when you double-click in the timeline, thats where I expected marker creation to be so I'm happy with its location as-is.

What do you think of my suggestion to have optional vertical lines extending from the markers to increase their visibility? Was/is this planned?

Have a good weekend Rui!

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colored location markers have sneaked in. check if it's of your taste ;)


It looks like you've added the ability to choose the colour of each markers text. I can't complain but it makes me think I didn't explain what I'd like to see from location markers clearly enough.

I'm hoping you'll add in the ability for qtractor to display a thin, vertical line at the beginning of each marker, very similar to the transport/playhead position indicator and the blue edit marker lines but maybe without any triangle at the top. Now that you've added in a colour selector for the marker text this could also set the colour of the vertical line of the location markers too.

Should this feature get added, I think it'd be only wise to add a new toggle switch option to the View menu called 'Marker lines' and it may also be worth considering (optionally) having the playhead move to / stop at markers when it is moved back and forth.

How does that sound to you?

I've had a bit more of a play and I realised my 'bug report' about the positioning of markers wasn't quite correct. What I didn't realise is that markers snap to and can only be positioned at the start of a bar. Whilst its true that the majority of the time markers will be used at the start of a bar, there are definitely also times where I'd like to place a marker mid-bar so snapping to beats would be better but not as good as arbitrary placement if poss.

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yes. i read your wish for location markers vertical lines right. it might happen soon, hopefully :)

moving/stopping the playhead across the markers might be also considered (on forward and backward transport commands).

however, markers are to stay at precise measure/bar locations, for the time being.


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done. svn trunk rev.3052+ (aka. qtractor


Thanks Rui - the markers are becoming more usable now but apart from back/forwards not acknowledging markers yet (which you didn't say was done yet but likely soon), I have a new issue and that concerns the poor visibility of markers in tracks where a clip is already present in the area of a marker because even if the clip contains no data it is still hard to discern the marker line beneath the clip - the marker is there if you squint.

I envisioned the marker lines to be 'always on top' but maybe with slight transparency to reduce obscuring track data or potentially even a zebra / crawling ants (or whatever you call it) effect to increase the marker definition if needed.

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re. marker lines to be 'always on top'; back/forwards not acknowledging markers...
done. see both in svn trunk rev.3055+ aka. qtractor


qtractor's location markers work perfectly for me now. Its pretty simple stuff but this is another killer new feature and I'm sure it will enhance everyones qtr recording and mixing experience.

Great work and thanks again RNCBC!

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thanks. as always:)

may i ask what expectation is that in the subject?



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