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Qtractor 0.5.7 - The Hotel Sierra is open, come on in!


Yeah. Not much to tell about the times I'm afraid. But let me wish you all a merry and great new year, following the one which end is nigh. Just in case you wanna party, feel welcome, by all means:

Qtractor 0.5.7 (hotel sierra) is open, come on in!

Release highlights:

  • LV2 Options and Buf-size support (NEW)
  • Location markers/bar (NEW)
  • MIDI editor line-drawing (NEW)
  • Punch & loop recording compatibility (FIX)
  • Untangled LV2 UI parameter communication (FIX)
  • Dropped libSLV2 support, honoring libLILV for good (FIX)


Project page:


Weblog (upstream support):


Qtractor is free, open-source software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


  • Loop and punch in/out ranges may now get set simultaneously, may even overlap each other. However, punch in/out range recording will always prevail over any loop recording takes.
  • LV2 Worker/Schedule now supporting multi-instance vs. single-UI scenarios.
  • LV2 Options and Buf-size extension support added.
  • Fixed an off-by-one-tick bug on MIDI file input which was leaving spurious zero-length runt notes at the end of a MIDI clip, if a note-on coincides with the ending/split point (on ticket issued by Jonathan H. Pickard, thanks).
  • Good old SLV2 library support for LV2 plug-ins (libslv2) is now irrevocably deprecated, or better said, completely wiped-out from the LV2 host code, now considered extinct.
  • LV2 UI parameter updates are now asynchronously detached from the source GUI widget thread, in attempt to improve cross-GUI-toolkit responsiveness, specially focused on LV2 plugins with a GTK based UI (eg. amsynth, triceratops, etc.).
  • Make sure LV2 UI parameters (input control ports) get updated when loading a genuine LV2 state preset.
  • Improved the (custom) tempo spin-box widget signal(ing) processing and dispatching.
  • Show proper pointing cursor and location tool-tip while dragging any of the time ruler markers (including latest location markers/bar).
  • On saving as an archive/zip session file (suffix .qtz) include only those files that are actually referenced by live clips arrangement.
  • Ongoing integration of location markers infrastructure (time-scale and MIDI-file support).
  • Free-hand/linear retouching of event values, while on the MIDI clip editor's view pane below the main piano-roll (eg. note velocities), is now possible provided the target events are selected, otherwise the usual painting edit sub-mode applies (cf. menu Edit/Select Mode/Edit Draw).
  • The MIDI clip editor now senses which target view pane has focus for general selection commands (cf. Edit/Select/None, All, Invert, Range) whether the main piano-roll or the event value (velocities) view.
  • Mouse middle-button clicking is back in business on main track-view and on MIDI clip editor views (piano-roll) as an immediate play-head (re)positioning command or merge/reset the edit-head/tail cursors if Shift/Ctrl keyboard modifiers are pressed.
  • Formerly protected, class qtractorClip::FadeFunctor is now public in an shot-in-the-dark attempt to fix clang builds (as reported by Jekyll Wu, thanks).
  • Override all sub-classed widgets mouse-pointer event handlers to be isolated from base widget style and/or window management.

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Hello Riu,

Happy nen year.
I did try Qtractor, and found a blocking point when using linuxsampler for example.
Qtractor will copy all related files to the project directory.
The problem is that when using uge sampler preset, we can have very big session files.
Worst, when using linuxsampler with SFZ soundbank, the program will copy the SFZ definition file, but without the data (sound files).
On reload, the musical piece will not work (no sounds).

Can you see if you can do something about this ?, I was thinking about copying the whole SFZ data files, but they can be uge :)

See ya man and thanks

OK, using .qts as teh session format get me going.
sorry for the disturbance :)

rncbc's picture

yes, you're correct: using the linuxsampler-lv2 plugin does copy the sample files into the session archive (.qtz) when this session file format is chosen.

however, note that the .sfz file is just a regular text file which describes and refers to the actual sample files, indirectly; it should be the responsibility of the linuxsampler-lv2 implementation to provide those indirections available to the lv2-files interface and thus known to qtractor to get them onto the archive/zip file .

iow. this is something that should be addressed to the linuxsampler-lv2 developers, specially the sfz engine lv2-files interface (iirc. this was already discussed on the linuxsampler-devel maillist, but i don't really know the outcome or whether it's been already fixed and you're using an outdated linuxsampler build).

of course using the shallow session file format (.qtr or .qts, which are exactly the same) nothing of the above applies, as all sample files stay put on their original places in the file-system. please use the session archive/zip file format for, you know, archival portability purposes only.


Thank you Riu, for the feedback.

I'll try to make some music tonight :D

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