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I have been having major problems with Ardour (crashing, xruns) the past few releases... finally gave qtractor a try, and I am blown away at the simplicity and performance. I have not had a single jack xrun since installed, and that includes running HD video synced to qtractor with xjadeo. Ardour may have more "professional" DAW features, but as a working audio professional, I am choosing to use qtractor. It runs faster, cleaner, and just plain works!

Is there a link anywhere to donate to the development??

The two feature requests I would have are:

1. Ability to set the default left and right mouse click actions. (I would prefer left click to locate the playhead instead of ctrl-left click.)

2. Ability to change the location bar from beats/measures to either time or frames. I work with frame level synced video, so bars/measures are not a usefull scale.

Thanks for the great work!

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thanks for the support.

you may find me always saying that qtractor is a sequencer with some DAW-like features. while ardour is a full-fledged pro DAW which happens to now entering the MIDI sequencing scene with version 3.0 :)

though my project is just one hobby of mine, rest assured that helping ardour to thrive is also a form of helping the whole Linux-Audio effort and ecosystem and therefore qtractor as well--so please, don't ditch ardour just now, anyways ;)

re. Is there a link anywhere to donate...?
on the project page there's this little donate option (via paypal). you can also use take the micro-donation route through!

re. feature requests
you may use the tickets application for feature, support requests and/or bug reports for better tracking, i believe.


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