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video sound editing

Hello there.

I have a silly question. Can qtractor import a video and edit (record) sound events in video sound track?
I have a video where I want create 5.1 sound track.
How to I can do that.

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as they use to say: no question is silly, answers might :)--

but no. you ain't supposed to import a video sound track just like that into qtractor. sorry.

you can otherwise extract the audio content from video, which qtractor will handle as any other audio sample file format as is.

however, i believe there are video editors more suitable for the task. or you can even bring it to ardour, a full-fledged solution that has been de facto used somewhere in holywood (eg. embedded in harrison consoles).

qtractor is about musical arrangement, recording, production, whatever. the same old motto still applies: qtractor is not a DAW, just a sequencer with some DAW features ;). bottom line is that qtractor might not be well suited to purpose you're after all. sorry again.



I'm using Qtractor with Ubuntu studio. It comes with video player Xjadeo, that has JACK transport. By that, it means you can load a video to that player, and it follow JACK transport clock. In that way, you can have multiple audio software, synthesizers, multitrack editor etc. Running thru JACK, and viewing the video at the same time, all in sync!

Please note, that this process doesn't include adding that audio to your videofile. You'll have to use a video editor to do that. There are free alternatives also.

This is a great way to use proxy-video, and create even larger audio-projects that you later on inlcude in the final edit of your film!

Also, I've tried this. It works great! :)

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