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Gone Home

Some would remember this and then, Alvin's now back home for good.

Although I was just a toddler at the time, I still keep in my deepest one of the greatest guitar licks of all time, more than Hendrix at the same venue, sure I tell it inspired a great part of my whole adolescence.

I hope I have more ten years to get back home like he did 9 years 3 months ago..


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Actually I know very little of Alvin Lee but he does stand out. Remember "Night of the Guitars"? I always liked his contribution most:


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it's official: RIP now standing for Rock'In Paradise

go baby go

yeah, after hearing of his death, I had to youtube his Woodstock performance. He played the same lick over and over but it just sounded different every time.. That got me to watch the entire Hendrix performance.

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Sad to hear this, but I am sure he is happy now.
I saw him at the Vienna Stadtfest in the late 80's, the show was great!

Is there a chance to meet someone of you (I read that Jereny will be there) for a cup of coffee - not wine ;-) - at the LAC 2013 in Graz?

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i'll try to be there, sure. as amatter of fact, there's a workshop which is assigned to yours truly :)

i am a coffee lover as am of beers, wines and single-malt whiskies :P though i don't quite remember austrian coffee being ranked that high last time i've been around (late 80s, Salzburg, some tea/coffee shop beneath alleged Mozart's birth place) :) nevertheless


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