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drumkv1 with generic controls

When I try to load drumkv1 (0.3.1-1) in a MIDI track within ardour (3.2-52-g2b0fef5) I get two menu entries : "Edit" and "Edit with generic controls" but they both produce the same result : Display the generic control window (not the nice drumkv1 interface that I get using QTractor on the same machine).

- Who can possibly be the culprit in preventing ardour to display the drumkv1 GUI ?
- Using the generic GUI, how do one load a sample ?

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tested with ardour3 3.2-53-g07be5be just now and drumkv1 shows its own GUI alright (as from "Edit...").
please also check with
jalv.gtk https:/
or could it be that drumkv1 v0.3.1 is somewhat old enough? maybe you can retry with latest v0.3.3 ?


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You are right as usual Rui ; The ubuntu-packaged drumkv1 is not working properly, as has been the case with many other music software in Ubuntu so far, so basically now everything (except libs) is compiled from source.

I have to say, I really like drumkv1. The controls are responsive and the sound is very good. Everything is laid out in a logical way and from loading a sample to woah-this-is-some-kick-ass-HH-dude it can be less than 2 minutes of happy, creative and proper-this-is-how-it's-done knob-fiddling under the headphones. Thank you again, Rui.

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