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Wot Dis Rui?

Stalking the qtr svn is a daily activity for me and today I spotted this in the Changelog

"Extended Edit/Select Mode/Automation implementation (DRAFT)."

As great as that sounds, I can't see what might've changed wrt these aspects of qtr just by running the latest code.

Are these changes not user visible yet or whats new?

Cheers RNCBC!

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hi Dan,

it relates to extended automation curve selection and editing.

still crude and not functional yet, and won't for the next weeks still... just new code pouring in for now ;)


Thats what I hoped it was - great news to see work start on this.

Its a much anticipated feature for many (potential) qtr users so I look forward to it becoming usable!

2013 = TYOQA 3!!!

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