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berhringer 2000 rotary

Hello everybody
I have just downloaded qtractor the other day and have managed to put some tracks together to make a basic song.
So am managing the basics of the program however I would like to up my level of knowledge but i need some help.
What I want to do is create a number of tracks (beats, bass lines, etc) and trigger them in a live set using a Berhinger 2000 rotary.
So far I can connect it via jack to use ZynAddSubFX which works fine so the midi CC and MMC messages are working fine. But I cannot get it to map any functions to my tracks for example mute, volume, play stop etc. I read somewhere about setting up the mapping in one of the menus by clicking on the various options to use track one to mute on chanel one and to set the midi option. But when i go to jack to hookup the midi from qtractor I cannot find the entry.
Can anyone help me with this issue

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if that's about the bcr2000?

maybe you can pick something from its sister/brother bcf2000, as roughly dwelled in Midi control for QTractor which ultimately lead to Qtractor 0.4.2 - The Flaunty Demoness a few years ago ;)


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