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Re-occurrence of Tempo Map issues

Hi Rui,

You may remember we spoke about Tempo Map problems a while ago (point 3 here). Things have been much better since you made these fixes, but I've been seeing re-occurrences of the problem with the recent svn builds I've been testing. To give an overview:

1) The issue of entries in the Tempo Map disappearing upon reloading a session has re-occurred. However, it seems to be much rarer than it used to be. I'm not sure if it's caused by the same problems you found previously (see here and here)

2) Upon re-loading a session containing Tempo Map changes, the notes in certain midi clips can "jump" about half a beat forwards/backwards (i.e. if they were previously on the beat, they'll now be just before/after the beat). This only seems to happen with certain clips and will affect all the notes within those clips. All the other clips will be unaffected. This too is fairly rare, but happens more often than 1)

I'm sorry the above is a bit vague, but like last time, I'm not sure how to go about tracking these problems down as they're fairly rare. If you have any ideas on how best to attempt to reproduce them, please let me know. I can open a ticket if need be, but I thought I'd mention it here first before opening a ticket which will be rather vague.


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