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Workflow feature request

Hello people,

Forgive me if this feature is already available as I am currently using an old version of Qtractor (0.5.4).

Imagine a situation where a loop is set. The loop is being played while recording to a new track. While recording this new track, each pass of the loop may be a separate take e.g. a verse being repeated / modified. After the recording, on loop playback, I would like a one click solution to adjusting the offset of the newly recording region(s). So, for example, if the loop is set to 4 bars, I want to change the offset of these new regions by +/- 4 bars. Basically, to flick through the various takes as the loop plays back.

At the moment, doing the above requires a bunch of clicks... i'd like to see a simple two key solution (skip forward and back) with midi and OSC options.

What do you think?

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yes, i guess there's already something very similar if not exactly to what you ask.

you enable it by setting View / Options... / General / Transport / Loop recording mode (takes) to anything but "none"; then all recording under loop creates a folded clip as takes for each loop cycle; for playback, you select which take is current via the sub-menu Clip / Take ; finally, you can assign keyboard shortcuts for selecting the first, previous, next or last take, if you wish.


Okay thanks, that works, I guess it really was a dumb question :-)

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