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How does qtractor launch jack? (hunting for xruns)


I wouldlike to be able to alter frames/period and period/buffer params to get rid of xruns.

- Sometimes, when I start qtractor, it gives me the actual command line it used to launch jack, complete with calculated latency ; how do I get that each time?
- Is it possible to visualize those numbers (frames/period, period/buffer, latency) at any given time (not necessarily into qtractor)?
- How does qtractor determine those numbers ; is there a file I can edit somewhere to set them?
- Does qtractor care about qjackctl settings, or does it spawn its own jack?
- Are there other jack params relevant when hunting for xruns?

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qtractor, as many other jack clients, makes use of the auto-start feature of the jackd server.

if you're not using jackdbus, the auto-start command line is given by the literal contents of the ~/.jackdrc file (located at your home directory).

qjackctl, has this option to (over)write that precise file with the parameter settings it's using to start jackd itself, so that qtractor (or any other jack client) auto-starts the jackd server with very same settings.


ps. you can have qjackctl to be the one that gets auto-started in place of jackd directly, if you follow my instructions from here.

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