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Hey Rui! seems to think qtr is coded in C++ AND C#! C# is mainly an MS thing so I suspect you may view this as a web bug.

You don't want people thinking you endorse .NET / Mono, do you?

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not even close. where did you see that categorization?

dang it is there indeed. might be oneself mistake.

must correct asap. done.


ps. although C# is a MS thing--for which i don't give a dang my dear--its creator was also who come with one of the top development environments/languages/compilers of all time in humanity history: Turbo Pascal and Delphi. it is my reckoning of life that there was never before nor after that a so top performing programming tool, ever. and we're already more than a decade old in the XXI century. homage paid. nevertheless ;)

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