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question about record & edit a MIDI drum track with usb keyboard


working on a cover, I import the song in Qtractor, and create a new MIDI track to start with recording drums. First take, record the snare by pressing D1 on the keyboard, several times.. everything is fine.

Second step, record kick by pressing C1 several times, everything good !

Now, I like to edit the track, and can't see anything else than snare on screen (but kick is heard)

Did I missed something ?

Thanks :)

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most sure you're creating separate clips on each take that just happen to overlap each other.

thereafter, when you try to edit that last take you're actually editing one of clips and not the other that is overlaid behind.

you have two possible solutions as of yet:

a) merge the clips into one: select the whole range that includes both clips and try Clip/Merge...
b) record each take on different MIDI tracks although on same channel;

there will be one third solution, possibly a more "natural" one ;) which is already being implemented in the git head: there's already means to record as in "overdub" an existing MIDI clip, like it's merging as in a) as recording in real-time--if you feel brave enough you can try and tell about the (new) experience ;)


Thanks for the quick reply Rui :)

Yes, overdubbing is the way I like to do it! Maybe it's not possible, am not at all MIDI expert, more surlely noob... As far as I can understand from your post with my poor english, merging several tracks to 1 is the best way to achieve the goal (live-record & edit MIDI drum track)?

Have just tried it, and merge clips is the good one, many thanks!

This lead to an idea of feature you may add (maybe it exists, but can't find it):
when you set "select mode" to range, select a track & right clic on it, then you can "select" {all in the track}

Since got only 2 tracks at the moment, I "select all" and unselect the other track by Ctrl+clic to do the job

Not sure if one may add something like [resolved] in the first post of the topic when it's resolved?

Thanks again, your answer helps a lot :)

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