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I have a doubt

Good morning, great project, I have a doubt I have a module (io alesis trigger) that sends "midi" by usb I have used with EZdrummer because my broke module, I'll start with me rapberry pi with your project, like so to know, for already, if I can connect the trigger io rightfully usb, or have to, build, the midi shild to turn midi out times? take off my English

Ps. after much research for progecto thus will they find one is what I need, with a compatriot;)

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yes as long as the Alesis Trigger-iO USB interface is plugged in and up and running through ALSA snd-usb-audio/midi* kernel modules, it just becomes a matter to connect the right input MIDI port on drumkv1.

sure have to prepare setup a .drumkv1 preset file, along with all the sample files and upload it to the Rpi if not done in situ; probably you'll also want to run it as `drumkv1_jack --no-gui preset-file`.

check these out as well (thanks to Jeremy):
Raspberry Pi and realtime, low-latency audio
Using a Raspberry Pi as a drum machine: quick demo


Hi and thanks , i am installing the os on raspberry , i am a real starter , i will tray to have my first hello world today lol.´
the all idea is to use as a stand alone , i have raspberry pi b+ .
thanks i will post the result

i have dune the install by the command that is on the bottom of the youtube video, ir get all from the web and say is installed, and the icon of drumkv1 and jack are there , but it dont run,
And i cant find the install folder
the trigger io is present on rasp , it was created automaticly a folder with trigger io name and same files there lol

i am not a linux user , wen you say "sure have to prepare setup a .drumkv1 preset file" can i edit the one on install folder?
i didnt mess with the files but i cant make " sudo make install" always get error

if you can pls hellp , ( maby like a install for dummies) lol

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well, you sure don't expect that to be that easy, would you?

first of all you'll have to be acquainted with jackd. have you check out the reading in the first link i've posted above?

i'm afraid you still a lot to do for a learning, and no simple install for dummies is going to make you miracles, is it? so, have you ever managed to run jackd on the Rpi somehow?

i can't help you much there. i have no experience with the Rpi whatsoever. the least i can do is to point you to the places i vaguely know about and please ask your questions on the right forums eg. .


hi and thanks, no i wasn't expect to be easy that's for sure, the jackd dont open to , or better saying , it open but close right away .

i read the post but i must messed something.
i will tray to put jackd to work first


hi it wasn't easy but all app works, i can see trigger io on jackd in alsa on connections , i am loading samples to test , i am trying to understand how it works, becase so far no sound is played .
but i will get there

i will post further comments if you don't bather ,

well i have to get a usb sound card , because the internal is realy bad ,
if you can pls explain me , how to get all this working with auto screan , standalone like you have on video ,
i only can have trigger sounds with x desktop opened , jacd dont fix the configuration . can you point mi on the good direction pls

Hi rui and thanks for this grate app, finally e get all working properly, only thing left is launching, like autosatic do , as standalone plug usb a run , but for now all running well on x , i will get a display for raspberry so no monitor need , i am happy now i am playing my drums again.

i will try to build a suse pc so i can test it with a much powerful system.

if you know a good guide to read please post , i think i am turning to linux ;)
thanks for your patience

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glad you made it a success story :)

the way to run as a headless (no GUI) standalone jack application is via the command line

drumkv1_jack --no-gui preset-file

where preset-file is the same you edited and saved before, while using the GUI.


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