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Are the forums broken in some way?

For the last few weeks, every time I check out your forums, there appears to be new posts, but the posts are actually old.....or nonsense....or spam. In example, I posted "Please clarify that" a few weeks ago, but upon a logging in today, it reports that post was made 1 sec ago.

Rui, IMO (and only mine ;), the layout of these forums is somewhat clunky and awkward, which makes it difficult to find new posts (and older ones for that matter). Is there another forum system that's open source and similar to the standard forum layouts we all know and love to hate ;)? Or, is there another Qtractor forum somewhere in cyberspace I should be reading?


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Hi Jim,

Yes this is using the forum software as bundled by Drupal. I really find it too a bit awkward and probably not the best. I know everbody is used to phpBB or similar layout and facilities. In the mean time this is what I have, sorry for the trouble.

The issue about your post might be something that is probably related to some site cache configuration. I'll try to turn it off as I reckon this is not a very busy web and besides some spamming now and then it surely doesn't need any anti-digg or slashdot effect measures ;)


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