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abGate crash


I've added an audio track and added abGate lv2 plugin ,So what is deal??
well, everything works fine until i open the external gui and when i close the ext. gui window of abGate(plugin) qtractor just crashes and if i reopen from terminal it spits out 'Segmentation fault' and qtractor just closes down, i have tested with carla and ardour but works fine there..(Screens_1-5 below)...

Note:- but it won't crash when i press edit again to close the window(screen_6-8)

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abGate's GUI is infamously ill-behaved under Qt hosts, namely qtractor. that and most Gtkmm based LV2 UIs.

general problem is often due to Gtkmm not being nice or compatible with Qt GUI C++ stacks, where as pure Gtk+ would do nicely.

i'd advise for you to avoid abGate on qtractor, at least don't use its own native GUI for that matter--you can use the generic plugin properties dialog without problems though.

otoh. it's ok on Ardour just because it's a Gtk host obviously, so that no one complains about GUI toolkit incompatibilities there; and it works on Carla most probably because it's run in a separate process, whatever :)

all that to say that's not a qtractor bug, in fact is a very old and known problem issue and lurks in there since ever.

but yeah. let me tell ya that the abGate GUI doesn't crash on me, i say on my current environment that is (openSUSE 13.2, Qt4 4.8.6, Qt5 5.4.2, Gtk2(mm) 2.24, gcc4 4.8.3)..., but it used to (crash) before. fingers crossed? nope

i'm just ranting about some old ago stories i've been told and heard around ;)


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