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feature request

I've been using drumkv1 the last few months and it is one fantastic piece of software especially when combined with a beat slicer like shuriken.

Would it be possible to implement a "Master Edit Mode"? This would be great when 1 or more setting's need to be applied to all samples.
Would it also be possible to implement "Bulk Load"? This makes things easier when you have drums that span across the entire keyboard.

Thank you for your time and all your excellent software!

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hi, thanks

re.- "Master Edit Mode"
maybe. yes, it's possible. though, probably only as a custome (G)UI operation mode eg. changing a knob value while pressing shift?

re. "Bulk Load"
not quite a most desirable feature... maybe some external scripting should be an alternative, listing and parsing a file-system directory, producing a custom preset file (*.drumkv1), which is in a straightforward text/xml format. see below an example of a template (placeholders in italic):

<!DOCTYPE drumkv1>
<preset name="preset_name">
  <element index="0">
   <sample index="0" name="GEN1_SAMPLE">audio_file_sample_0.wav</sample>
  <element index="1">
   <sample index="0" name="GEN1_SAMPLE">audio_file_sample_1.wav</sample>
  . . .
  <element index="127">
   <sample index="0" name="GEN1_SAMPLE">audiofile_sample_127.wav</sample>


Thanks, I appreciate your consideration on the "master edit" feature. As for the "bulk load" external scripting, i am totally lost with that. Please forgive my ignorance but i fail to see how this would not be "a most desirable feature". Maybe a tutorial on "bulk load" external scripting? Either way, i will Google and this certainly will not stop my usage of drumkv1. It's one great App/Plugin!

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i didn't said it wouldn't be "a most desirable feature"... i just pointed a workaround which is perfectly feasible via a custom script to produce a .drumkv1 preset file which can mimic exactly what you requested.

i understand you may lack some or any skills on scripting, shell, python, whatever. but you probably know someone who does! it would only cost you a beer at most, if your friend is not of the greedy kind :)


Maybe these features are not most desirable, but still useful and practical. Thanks for your work.

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yeah; master volume.

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