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qjackctl compile problem on Linux

Hi there

Tried to compile qjackctl on Linux and am running into some issues, and I'm not sure what to investigate & fix.
jack2 from git is installed on the system.

The qjackctl configure script produced this result, I'm not sure if this is to be expected or indicates some kind of problem?

JACK Version support (JACK2) . . . . . . . . . . .: no

Apart from that things looked normal and I ran make but it errors at this point

qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0xfc): undefined reference to `JACK_METADATA_PRETTY_NAME'
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x110): undefined reference to `jack_set_property'
.obj/qjackctlJackConnect.o: In function `prettyName(unsigned long)':
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x177): undefined reference to `JACK_METADATA_PRETTY_NAME'
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x17f): undefined reference to `jack_get_property'
.obj/qjackctlJackConnect.o: In function `qjackctlJackPort::updatePortName(bool)':
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x206d): undefined reference to `jack_port_uuid'
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x21dc): undefined reference to `JACK_METADATA_PRETTY_NAME'
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x21ea): undefined reference to `jack_remove_property'
.obj/qjackctlJackConnect.o: In function `qjackctlJackClient::updateClientName(bool)':
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x22e7): undefined reference to `jack_uuid_parse'
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x243c): undefined reference to `JACK_METADATA_PRETTY_NAME'
qjackctlJackConnect.cpp:(.text+0x244c): undefined reference to `jack_remove_property'
.obj/qjackctlMainForm.o: In function `qjackctl_property_change_callback(unsigned long, char const*, jack_property_change_t, void*)':
qjackctlMainForm.cpp:(.text+0x1ba): undefined reference to `JACK_METADATA_PRETTY_NAME'
.obj/qjackctlMainForm.o: In function `qjackctlMainForm::startJackClient(bool)':
qjackctlMainForm.cpp:(.text+0xf8fe): undefined reference to `jack_set_property_change_callback'
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status

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maybe it's all very similar to your other problem with qtractror, this time applied to two disparate JACK instalations, one newer built from source under /usr/local and another and older from distro packaging in /usr.

you can have only one.


Many thanks! I'll look into that.

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