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The QStuff* Spring'21 Release batch #1

Hi everybody,

The first batch of the so called QStuff* is now springing out: QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler, QXGEdit, QmidiCtl and QmidiNet, all bumping to version 0.9.3 for the (northern) Spring'21 season, rejoice!


So sorry for the old Latin title...

But well, this comes only to let you all know of the following:

Starting from and after but not including the very next batch series of the so called Qstuff* releases, which shall happen quite soon, the following two bullet points will be marked as deprecated, now seriously:

rtirq update - 2021 second edition's here,
(a third time, fixed twice again)
just something that might and almost sounds like a complete rewrite but not really ;)...

In its latest (this) incarnation rtirq (init-script/systemd-service) now tries to save and restore its state the best it can, on start and stop respectively.

Qtractor 0.9.21 - An End-of-Winter'21 Release batch #3

Hello thrice!

Qtractor 0.9.21 (end-of-winter'21) is out!


  • Ignore snap while ALT key is pressed, on the main track-view and the MIDI clip editors (aka. piano-roll).
  • Fixed a FTBFS when native LV2 UI GTK2 support is disabled.
  • Fix IPlugView leaks for VST3 plugins.

Vee One Suite 0.9.21 - An End-of-Winter'21 Release batch #2

Hello twice!

The Vee One Suite of old-school software instruments, synthv1, as a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer, samplv1, a polyphonic sampler synthesizer, drumkv1 as yet another drum-kit sampler and padthv1 as a polyphonic additive synthesizer, are here and now rolled out as the second batch to the so called QStuff* (northern) End-of-Winter'21 release season.

All still delivered in dual form:

  • a pure stand-alone JACK client with JACK-session, NSM (Non Session Management) and both JACK MIDI and ALSA MIDI input support;
  • a LV2 instrument plug-in.

Changes for this end-of-season are as follows:

  • Fixed an old lurker, causing slight differences to voice on-sets, due to a wrong initial LFO Volume ramping value.
  • Slightly improved eye-candyness to all graphic widgets, most especially on the EG widget handling, curved lines and gradient fills.
  • The Vee One Suite are free, open-source Linux Audio software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2 or later.


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