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The QStuff* Spring'22 Release batch #1


The first batch of the QStuff* is ready: QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler, QXGEdit, QmidiCtl and QmidiNet, are all out for the (northern) Spring'22 season.

Qsynth 0.9.6 - A Mid-Winter'22 Release

Hi all,

Qsynth - A FluidSynth Qt GUI Interface

Qsynth 0.9.6 (mid-winter'22) is out!

Qsynth is a FluidSynth GUI front-end application written in C++ around the Qt framework using Qt Designer.


  • Migrated command line parsing to QCommandLineParser/Option (Qt >= 5.2; by Pedro Lopez-Cabanillas).
  • New option to change the UI language translation.
  • Added DLS file type to the soundfonts selection dialog.
  • Fixed translations path to be relative to application runtime.

Qtractor 0.9.25 - A Winter'22 Release batch #3

Hi everybody,

Qtractor 0.9.25 (winter'22) is released!


  • Hopefully fixed an old MIDI off-timing bug noticeable only when exporting (Track/Export Tracks/Audio...) on large buffer-sizes (>= 2K frames/period).
  • Clip/File Loop Set menu command is now a toggle.
  • Fixed problem with punch-in/out and loop-recording being lost when stopping the play-head right after and between the loop-start and punch-in points, even though at least one cycle or take is through.
  • Dropped autotools (autoconf, automake, etc.) build system.
  • A more verbose warning question is issued, on whether to continue saving to an existing zip/archive directory and accept to replace and erase all its current data in the future.
  • Fixed potential crash on session close or application exit, when some plugins have been removed.

Vee One Suite 0.9.24 - A Winter'22 Release batch #2

Hi again!

The Vee One Suite of old-school software instruments,

  • synthv1 as a polyphonic subtractive synthesizer;
  • samplv1 a polyphonic sampler synthesizer;
  • drumkv1 as yet another drum-kit sampler;
  • padthv1 a polyphonic additive synthesizer.

Are also being now released as the second batch of the so called QStuff* (northern) Winter'22 season.

The QStuff* Winter'22 Release batch #1

Hi all,

The first batch of the QStuff* is now being released for the New Year: QjackCtl, Qsynth, Qsampler, QXGEdit, QmidiCtl and QmidiNet, are all out for the (northern) Winter'22 season.


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