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Blog entryQsampler 0.5.3 - An(other) End of Autumn'18 Release rncbc04 days 6 hours ago
Blog entryQsynth 0.5.3 - An Autumn'18 Release rncbc15 days 7 hours ago
Blog entryQsynth 0.5.4 - An End of Autumn'18 Release rncbc05 days 7 hours ago
Forum topicQjackctl 4.5.0 starts jack server but applications cannot connect to it borla41 week 8 hours ago
Blog entryQjackCtl 0.5.5 - A Black-Friday'18 Release rncbc11 week 6 days ago
Blog entryVee One Suite 0.9.3 - An Autumn'18 Release rncbc12 weeks 6 days ago
Forum topicNotes in piano roll suddenly became invisible AndrewD23 weeks 3 hours ago
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Forum topicIs this normal? Adrianobono61 month 1 week ago
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Forum topicNew feature request - multiple sound cards with QJackCtl Simon Lewis31 month 2 weeks ago
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Forum topicQsynth 0.5.2 cmake build fails Aloysius22 months 1 week ago
Forum topicqsynth 0.5.2 build fails with fluidsynth 2.0.0 Aloysius32 months 2 weeks ago
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