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In Restless Peace

If there is any death that should be mourned in the month of October [2011], it is that of Dennis Ritchie.
Dean Howell, October 13, 2011 --

Time is the ultimate judge.

Last week-end the farthest of longjmp()'s has been invoked. Dennis Ritchie passed away. One book that I'm keen to remember was, and still is, "The C Programming Language", usually abbreviated as by just The K&R book. K's standing for Brian Kernighan, the R for the now late Dennis. This book changed, or better said, shaped my role in life or may I say it loud, my role in the society as we live in or I know about.

There's an excess of a quarter a century in my own life on this nostalgia already. Wait, it is not quite nostalgia as in portuguese term saudade, but an ever lasting spirit that still lingers on.

Dennis, on that regard, you are still alive. As long as any C compiler gets its toll. You are immortal. I envy you. I cannot stop repeating myself. As long as any C/C++ compiler gets its due, you won't ever rest in peace. I'm afraid it will be restless for times to come. So, there's no usual obituary R.I.P. from here to you Dennis, sorry.

I owe [you] much.


rtirq update


rtirq, the init script that automagically tunes up your system for audio, has been updated as much for better avoid duplicates when alsa device drivers share their irq line with something else. here you can find the upstream tarballs or this very latest. nb. rtirq only applies to preempt_rt or threadirqs enabled kernels (>= 2.6.39).


Qtractor 0.5.1 - The Bravo Yankee return!

Summer is now long gone, obviously fall has already begun. As winter looms on the horizon the year steadily marches into its due end. (oh crap!...)

Today marks the day of this second public release while on the TYOQA age. It also marks yet another birthday of mine. One more year's gone, one less to go. Be happy! I hope you'd like my party as soon you get over from yesterday's bitten fruit showtime*.

Now's the time...

Qtractor 0.5.1 (bravo yankee) is out!

Yes, it's "bravo" alright, not "beta" nor anything else. Despite any previous existing codename. Now, it's all dumb-down easy to predict any next release codenames, a matter of convergence and fact that just chalks one less of a burden on me :)

Believe it or not, this is the best and, allegedly, the most stable release ever. Ain't them all? ;)

Release highlights:

  • Linked (aka. ref-counted) audio/MIDI clips (NEW)
  • Aux-Send pseudo-plugin (NEW)
  • Direct-access plugin parameter slider (NEW)
  • MIDI file player (NEW)
  • Automatic time-stretching of audio clips on tempo-map changes (FIX)
  • Improved native Linux VST support (FIX)
  • Improved JACK-Session support (FIX)
  • Improved generic plugin form (FIX)
  • MIDI-fx plugin support (NEW)
  • Audio bus/ports auto-connect option (NEW)
  • First translation call (Czech) (NEW)

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* ps. as a matter of fact, bitten fruit's boss passed away on this very day; seconding his own beliefs he must have been reincarnated somehow... I wish him a jolly new journey ;)

QXGEdit 0.1.1 slipped out!

Yay! It's been a great summer and, as always, good things never last longer. I remember two years ago when it made its premiere, also after a great summer vacation and a pretty longer and rather undercover existence. Two years have gone by now, there's nothing to be startling with. All that's about to say:

QXGEdit 0.1.1 slipped out!

If you're puzzled what this is, then don't worry nor go any further. This is just one extreme-niche piece of software program I've made for my own personal usage. But others may also feel compelled to try it out. I'm doin'g it just because I can :)

Now, already in its third public release, QXGEdit is a XG instrument editor, specially dedicated to the elderly Yamaha DB50XG. Yes, this is all synth-eldercare, if I may punch that line without the slightest lack of respect. How could it be? This is the best evidence I can show to the world how I love this piece of junk ;)

Only for the ones who know what I'm talking about ;)

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TYOQA: Qtractor 0.5.0 - The Alpha Zulu awakening!

Howdy! TYOQA (the year of qtractor automation for the clueless) is now pretty real. I'd say it's all been my prerogative, again and again, doing things my own way (do I hear Frank S. singing? nope. move along...).

Is this the time to do the unthinkable? Should I tag it as beta now? Should I? There's one single reason for not doing so and a couple of others to make it through:

  1. basically it's all the same functionality that stays put or improved in a few spots;
  2. it just feels like it! :)

Now comes the mighty corrosive one: I'll be off on vacation soon. Summer is waiting for me. And I just hate to miss that kind of deadline. Woohoo!

Is there anything else to mention? Go ahead, make your day:

Qtractor 0.5.0 (alpha zulu) is now released!

Release highlights:

  • TYOQA! Audio/MIDI track and plugin parameter automation (NEW)
  • MIDI controller catch-up behavior (NEW)
  • All zooming in/out relative to views center (NEW)
  • Audio gain/panning smoothing changes (FIX)

Happy summer 2 y'all!

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