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Some might like to know that free-hand drawing is now featured on the MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll). It's one click away from the Edit/Select Mode/Edit On menu or the pencil tool-button.

Speaking of overdue TODO lines, another one bites the dust. On SVN trunk (qtractor- of course.

Got that Swing?

Oh Sunday, boring Sunday... :o) Well, swing-quantize has just sneaked in the SVN trunk (qtractor- You can bear this from MIDI clip editor's (aka piano-roll) Tools/Quantize... menu.

Basically, the way I've implemented it, is kind of a deformed grid quantization, which distorts even numbered (beat, quarter-note, seminima, whatever) divisions by a given percentage, something that can pictured as follows....

Qtractor 0.4.5 - A Friskier Demivierge is out!

SCNR ;) mostly yet another bug-fix-regression dot release, nuff said.

Qtractor 0.4.5 (friskier demivierge) is out!


  • Changing loop points while playback is rolling, with the play-head any near, was leaving audio clips out-of-sync.
  • MIDI event list view was missing some selected items with the very same onset time, now fixed.
  • When failing to detect a SSE enabled build, the CFLAGS variables are now properly restored to their previous sane state, preventing all subsequent dependency tests from false positives (bug#
  • MIDI clip editor (aka piano-roll) multiple selection has been fixed (again) re. move/paste-snapping consistency.

Qtractor 0.4.4 - The Frisky Demivierge's in the wild!

What? No automation, yet? Yes I failed the promise once again. So what? What would you expect from this self-called über-procrastinator? As sure is one to say that this is the Year of Linux Desktop (YOLD:), I'll give you the shivers and command this one will be the year of Qtractor Automation. No kiddin' ;)

Meanwhile, this new dot-release brings you several niceties, a couple of them have been waaay longer and dustier on the all-mighty-overdue TODO list than automation is. Rejoice! or else...

Qtractor 0.4.4 (frisky demivierge) is in the wild!

Release highlights:

  • LV2 plug-in support (NEW)
  • MIDI event list view (NEW)
  • Expedite audio/MIDI clip import (NEW)
  • DSSI plug-in output control ports feedback/update (NEW)
  • JACK transport, MMC, SPP control options (NEW)
  • Self-bounce/recording (FIX)
  • Audio/MIDI drift correction (FIX)
  • Anti-glitch audio micro-fade-in/out ramp smoothing (FIX)

The Bad Apples Episodes

Klaatu kindly writes to say how he loves Qtractor and uses it all the time for podcast production and as one of the central applications for producing his two-person band. He has written two tutorials on Qtractor and covered it on two podcast episodes at The Bad Apples Linux Oggcast. Awesome! Happy Thanks-Giving!


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