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Qsynth 0.2.6 is out!

Today I've woke up and promptly decided to let a new official Qsynth be released as is from CVS HEAD. No big deal as there aren't any big news anyway :). So be it. And there it is: Qsynth 0.2.6 is out.

Qtractor 64-bit Unleashed!

Once upon a time, there were some people brave enough to try running Qtractor on the 64studio Linux distribution, a flavour specially targeted to the native AMD64 system architecture. Frank Neumann and Dave Phillips were among them.

QjackCtl 0.2.22 released!

Long overdue but better late than never: QjackCtl, the good old Qt GUI interface to JACK Audio Connection Kit is back on a new latest dot release.

Back from LAC2007@TU-Berlin - The Aftermath

As everything in life, all good and bad things go to an end. That is also the case with the 5th International Linux Audio Conference, which took place at the Technischen Universität Berlin, TU-Berlin for short, during the four whole days, March 22 through 25. It is now over and I am now back home safely.

Chocks away: LAC2007@TU-Berlin

That's it. I'm ready and so are Qtractor. Some late bugs have been fixed, others been slightly re-touched, but I guess it's all set for throwing this puppy into the beasts.


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