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Keeping the selected view after editing notes in MIDI-Editor

Quickly after drawing a new note, the Midi Editor switches back to show me the start of the clip.
So, each time before drawing the next note, I have to search for the "actual working area" again, which is wrist-breaking (specially for editing chords in longer clips).
This "view-behaviour" is independent of the button "view follows cursor" in the top menu bar.
What can I do so that the midi editors view area is locked there where I'm editing?
Many thanks!

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hi, can you give more details ?
the behavior you report is not at all what is experienced here--does it for anyone?
is it about while playback is rolling? does Options > Display > Hold auto-scrolling... on or off help in any way?
really puzzled atm.

Ok. Then it's maybe because of my setup.
It's the recent Qtractor from the recent manjaro OS and it runs on two sreens. The first screen is 17", has a built-in PC and shows the desktop, taskbar, etc. The second screen has 24" and I'm using it for application that needs more space, like DAW.
I want to create some backing tracks in the next 3 days and will try to check the exact situation when it occurs (it wasn't during playback).
And will check "Options > Display > Hold auto-scrolling".
Until then: Cheers too :-)

A follow up on this as I'm running into the same challenge. I have one clip going from bar 1 to bar 120.

I go into the clip to edit, with the playhead in the middle of the screen, at, for example bar 23, then close the clip. When i open the editor again, it defaults back to bar 1, and i have to scroll forward to the playhead to then continue editing.

Is there a setting that enables me to open and close the editor with the playhead (and its position) centred in the editor view, wherever it may be?

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the clip editor opens and positions on the same zone of the clip where the main tracks view is located, possibly on the left edge of the later.


OK, thanks for the heads up.

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ok, centered not to playhead but to current mouse pointer position: in develop branch >=


Very useful. It seems to be the natural way of doing things: you identify something that needs tweaking, you double-click on it, and there it is!

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exactly ;)

That's an improvement.

Thanks Rui.

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yep, slow but steady ;)

I would suggest splitting your clips as needed to reflect areas of the arrangement you'd typically expect yourself to operate against. Bind the s key to split so you can perform the operation quickly after using your mouse to navigate to a particular bar in the timeline.

This is so nice.

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