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2 possible visual improvements:

qtractorTrackList.cpp line 1248:
If we reduce the contrast of the embossing light, a more integrated visual result remains.
It is closer to the default "inset outset" border effect in Qt Fusion.
It can be seen in the image. The embossing of the table header is taken by Qt Fusion's default qtractor.

Name on Clips:
The "Name" on the clips has very low visibility.
If the "Name" color is changed to white, readability improves.

For the example I have taken the most extreme situation.
I have selected the lightest color from the list for the background of the clip.
Knowing that the clips have transparency, I simulated it putting a white with 50% transparency.
I think that the transparency in the clips is inferior, and despite that, the readability gained is notable.


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I'm showing this proposed change to be against line 1283

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slightly done in qtractor >= on the first account

the second remains as is, but may try changing to your liking by commenting out qtractorClip.cpp: line 349

cheers && thanks

This is what it looks like, in case anyone else needs it.

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Good morning Rui.
Taking advantage of the fact that we are approaching the stable version, I wanted to return to this topic.

Installed version Debian_11 from:

I have verified that at least on my computer, in the audio clips, the title is now completely unreadable.
It surprises me because I don't think anything has been modified in that part of the code.
Maybe the new Qt libraries vary the behavior?
Could they be my libraries?
I attach a session to confirm it.

I propose a solution. Previously I requested that the clip titles be white, however the solution could be more obvious: follow the same behavior as in "Track Number" and "Strip Title".
I think the solution I propose here is acceptable and consistent with the rest of the interface logic.
It's not a fad either, it really improves readability.

I always found it confusing that the color chosen for the track did not correspond to the final color.
I understand that on the track, the difference may be due to the decorative gradient and it is an acceptable difference.
However the previous [#53ad53] should be the same as the ending [#288028].


However, as always, I will respect your criteria.
Thanks for everything.

I know you made it easier to change the color when compiling.
However, I have some versions, in which the binaries I get give problems.
It's probably my problem with library versions:

A: Crashing when opening sessions from Qtractor.
B: Qtractor does not save the position of elements (windows toolbars...) when saving.

I mention it simply for the record. It's not something that needs to be fixed.

In the end, I decided to always install official .debs.
I lose some customization, but I gain stability and standardization.

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hi GEN-es,

nice to have you back in business here :)

re. 1_

I don't think it's related to your libraries or else... it's just about that some fg/bg color combinations are not really suited here, specially when they're close in luminance, perhaps... idk.

re. 2_

I believe white is not a (very) good option here... maybe a contrast formula against the bg color? whether it's light or dark? that would be awesome... left to you as an exercise.. ;)

re. 3_

confusing colors? they're set that way for 2 decades already :)--give or take the saturation slider, which was a relatively recent addition--my recommendation is to leave it as is, for now, the other ones may take a better and short-term approach and fix, but this one, I guess, sounds like just a nitpick :)


re. 1_
I have created 2 tracks with the same colors.
In the Midi clips, you can read the name. With difficulty :), but it is possible.

In Audio clips the clip name is completely unreadable.

Try opening old projects with audio clips. If you could read the name before and now you can't, something else is happening.

If everything works as before, the problem is with my computer.

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hi. it's not you computer it happens here too :)

will fix it soon!


UPDATE: possibly fixed in qtractor >=, cheers!

Now yes!!!!
Perfect readability. Thank you so much.

I managed to resolve my library issues and can compile again.

In case it is useful to someone else, I comment:

Debian 11 is not a friend of Qt6, it prefers Qt5.
I uninstalled the Qt6 development libraries and completed the Qt5 ones.

In an oversight when updating, lv2-dev was reinstalled from kxstudio. As I have commented on several occasions, the version of lv2-dev in that repository does not work well.
Uninstall lv2-dev. Deactivate kxstudio repositories. Reinstall lv2-dev.

I'm crossing my fingers. It seems that I finally have my music studio completely to my liking and at full capacity.

Wow! You guys are doing great work! Thank you.

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hi thanks,

sure all due credits must go to G3N-es ...


ps. have you tried the "tecnico" style sheet... ? ;)

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