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Feature Request: input enhancements

Greets once again,

I've been exploring this routing strategy:

While I'm not entirely sold on it yet (over using Carla as a middle-man), I'd be curious to know if anything can be done to make working with these inputs a bit more user-friendly.

  1. It would be nice if we could name these ourselves (so long as they're unique).

  2. The whole (Audo)/(Aux) thing is quite unfriendly when it comes to fitting into the mixer panel. There must be some way to optimize this? Considering there are only 2 things that can be added (input vs. send), it almost seems like a simple directional icon could be used to convey the type? In other words, a "<" would be an input and a ">" would be a send. Combined with the first suggestion and assuming I were to name the newly created input after my cat, maybe I'd see something like "< panda". As cool and tidy as that might be, I can see how that would muck with the Connections window though.

  3. Is there any chance to coordinate between the mixer and the Connections panel? For example, clicking an input in the bus strip might highlight the input in the Connections panel? That level of interaction/coordination would save on the mental bandwidth needed to ensure connections are mapped accurately. Then again, maybe not..... I haven't given this a ton of thought.

  4. Any possibility to combine the routing in the same step taken to create the input to begin with? Maybe kill 2 birds with 1 stone kinda thing?

All the best

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hi, assuming you're taking about Insert Returns as inputs and Sends as outputs:

    1. there's no current way to rename an Insert, sorry; might have a thought over this, maybe sooner than never;)
    1. maybe it will up to you to name the inserts accordingly (when and if 1. is implemented);
    1. and 4. the said coordination to the Connections panel widget has been there in place all the time, by pressing the right buttons: "Returns" and "Sends" on Inserts properties panel and "inputs" and "outputs" on bus strips;


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