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Qtractor - issues with bank/program change and midi clip editor window width

Dear Rui!

Now for something more serious. I have two issues with the recent versions of qtractor - maybe qt4 related ?!

1.) When I perform bank or program changes a number is added to the name of the track. Korg X50 becomes Korg X50 1. When I switch back the number though is increased to X50 2 and so on. Is this intended?

2.) When I create a new clip and edit it, I can change the width and height of the midi piano-roll editor window. If I import a clip, I cannot change the width of the piano-roll editor window, only it's height. is this possibly a qt4 related issue?

3.) Recently during a recording session (I was out-of-tune mostly) some of the icons in the menu bar lost their colours (especially the mixer icon). Is this a new indicator for recording bad music? If yes, this would be an awesome feature!

Cheers, Michael

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re. 1.) Yes, since v0.8.2, there's this unique track name enforcement by means of a numerical suffix auto-increment. And no, that is not supposed to occur when you switch banks or programs over a MIDI track, only whan you change track names, any track name. Are you sure is that what you really see?
[UPDATE:] Indeed you're dang right: track-names were being auto-incremented whenever one modifies any other track field or property. fixed now on git head. thanks.

re. 2.) That's quite strange or probably you're not telling the whole story... I've just tried to create a new clip on a new MIDI track and the piano-roll resizes both ways in height and width. Same with a new other MIDI clip thjat I throw in via importing from any SMF.

re. 3.) That really made me laugh. Hope that's only good humor. If not, I really don't know where that comes from--probably some graphics system glitch, but definitely it's not a hard-coded feature nor even an easter-egg that I know about, sorry ;)

cheers && thanks

ps. may I ask why you're still on qt4 ? you know latest Qt5.9 is on LTS status, do you?

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Hi there!

re. 1.) is resolved, it works fine now. Thank you very much!

re. 2.) seems then to be maybe qt4 related.
If I import a midi file (no matter if single or multi track) into a track and double-click or press F4, the piano-roll editor window is only resizable in height.
If I create a new clip and enter some events in the piano-roll editor, I can resize in height and width.
It is only a cosmetic issue for me, please don't bother too much.

I need qt4 because of ffado-firewire. I am a bit picky: as long as I can use/build my other software with qt4 I want to avoid "double" installations. My actual system is very stable and performant.

Cheers, Michael

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Hi there!

This issue occurs when importing a large (e.g. 34 KB) MIDI clip. Newly created clips or importing smaller (14 KB) ones don't show this behaviour.

Cheers, Michael

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maybe you can share one of those MIDI files that trip on you?

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Hi there!
I spent a lot of time trying to reproduce and track down the issue without success until now. At least, i found out that in this case "size doesn't matter" ;-)
It's extremely weird: copying one file from it's directory "home/babarosa/01 Daten/Multimedia/Loops und SF2/Groove Monkee Producer Pack/Groove Monkee Electronic/Electronic GM/SingleTrack/Basic" to e.g. the desktop and then importing it results in that the MIDI clip editor window is resizable.

Are the many levels of the directory the cause for this problem?

Thank you for your great softwares and greetings, Michael

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