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A Whiter Shade Of Pale

Dear Rui, I am very thankful for your software. Yet I do not like the white icons. Is it okay for you if on my website I provide your software compiled with the old icons?

Greetings, Michael

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well, audio clip wave-forms are always drawn and composed of 1) the peak-to-peak envelope (the outer and lighter in color) and 2) the RMS power envelope (the inner darker colored, always symmetrical to the 0dc level axis)--all these are there since day one on qtractor and that makes for a dozen years ago already, you're the first to complain about that :)


Hi again!!!
Ok that makes very good sense,although I would prefer a different (same as the background?) color line separating the (same color) two
envelopes,I think it would look nice!!
Dont misunderstand me ,I can see the core mission you mentioned above in this topic but I think looks is importand and appealing too!!
Thanks and bye!!!

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hi, some re-design have been brought on the week-end to some icons but mostly keeping with the Procol Harum effect style ;)

you can find the new set in here



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